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Guide to effective trading with the 3-line MA . system


The 3 moving average crossover strategy is a technical trading technique that uses three moving averages (usually EMAs) of different durations to generate trading signals on the chart. The three moving averages that we will be looking at are the 10-day EMA, the 30-day EMA, and the 50-day EMA, where: The 10-day EMA is a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading

price action

Reading price action is the art and science of trading by understanding the interaction of buyers and sellers as measured by price action on a chart. Many pure price action traders remove all technical indicators from their charts and only trade according to price behavior. Some people consider price action trading the purest form of […]

Top 8 Forex trading strategies every trader needs to know

forex trading strategy

An effective Forex trading strategy allows a trader to analyze the market and confidently execute trades with sound risk management techniques. The content of the article covers the main trading strategies: Price Action Trading Strategy Range trading strategy Trend Trading Strategy Position trading strategy Day trading strategy Scalp Trading Strategy (Scalp Trading) Swing trading strategy […]

What is the best time frame to trade Forex?

What is the best time frame to trade Forex?

“What is the best time frame to trade Forex?” is a frequently asked question among FX traders, especially those who are new to the market. The truth is that there is no single answer. It all depends on your preferred strategy and trading style. Traders take advantage of different timeframes to speculate on the forex […]

A complete guide to candlestick charts for traders in the Forex market

how to use candles to spot market

Candlestick patterns are a leading popular technical analysis tool, used to describe price movements in the Forex, stock, crypto markets, etc. Understanding and recognizing candlestick patterns is Essentials that traders need to have. What is the candlestick pattern in Forex? Candlestick patterns in the Forex market provide information about currency price movements, supporting trading strategies […]

Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginners

Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginners

Bitcoin trading relies on speculating on cryptocurrency price movements. Today, cryptocurrency traders use derivatives to forecast rising and falling prices, taking full advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility. 1. Find out the factors that affect the price of Bitcoin To seize the opportunity, you first need to understand the factors that affect the price of Bitcoin: Bitcoin […]